Headlights looking yellow? We have a solution.

"I've got a (insert vehicle here) that desperately needs some new headlights. You know how they get all hazy and yellow? I've tried everything. Those kits you buy in the store, YouTube videos of guys using all sorts of household chemicals. Nothing seems to work! Can you help?"

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Bulb differences: sealed beam, halogen, and HID.

Now as for the bulbs themselves, there are a lot of misconceptions about what bulb can be used on what application. In today's cars and trucks, you will commonly find 1 of 3 different styles of lights and they are not all compatible with one another--Sealed Beam, Halogen, and HID.

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The headlight with no boundaries ...

At first, he was an outcast. Shunned from his family for being noticeably different, the 2002 Super Duty light had to prove his worth in order to gain the respect of his past generations. He had to prove that a life with no boundaries was more visible, more exciting, better looking, and of course free to shine like the sun.

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The Trusted Leader in Auto Headlights

We started Uzooka.com to fill a growing demand for quality headlights at affordable prices. Our goal is to make finding the right replacement headlights fast, easy, and affordable. Since insurance companies won’t always pay for replacement headlights, we keep costs down and offer minimal markups without sacrificing service. We stock over 20,000 parts in multiple warehouses around the USA. We don’t rely on drop-shippers. This helps ensure that orders ship within one business day of being placed and arrive at your location as quickly as possible. To keep our prices low, we source from the best aftermarket manufacturers. Often, headlights from dealership are not actually original, but are made in Asia and are of equivalent or higher quality than the original. By dealing directly with these aftermarket manufacturers we can provide a superior product at a fraction of the cost.

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